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Fair play, Apex Legends – that was an entertaining character reveal

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Apex Legends apparently just murdered its latest character in a “televised interview” stream.

Last week, Respawn announced Apex Legends season four, subtitled Assimilation, launches on February 4, 2020.

Along with all of the other new season content, Apex Legends would also be getting a new hero, called Forge. He’s a big dude with a mechanical arm, who will excel at punching enemies. (Yes, he’s basically white Doomfist from Overwatch.)

Forge was not the character fans had been expecting. In the run-in to the season four reveal, fans of Apex Legends had been expecting the next character to in fact be Revenant. Revenant is a scary looking person in a red mask, who has been cropping up around Apex Legends since Halloween 2019.

So when Forge was announced, and was subsequently confirmed by Respawn in a dev stream, it left fans confused. Who was Revenant? Why were they being teased for the past three months? Was this all some sort of joke? Well, yes, as it happens. The Forge reveal was part of a larger and more elaborate plan to–

Why don’t you just watch for yourself?

So that’s Revenant, turning up while Forge is being interviewed, and murdering him. It’s a clever bit of trickery from Respawn, and is the sort of stunt that helps keep focus on a service game as interest inevitably wanes over time. In an extra neat touch, if players visit the location of the interview in-game, they can even find Forge’s death box.

Presumably, that means Forge is out of Apex Legends, and Revenant is now in? We’ll find out for sure when series four kicks off next week.

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