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Apex Legends Season 3 is taking the dropship and all its heroes to a new planet, Talos, and to a new map called World’s Edge.

There are two schools when it comes to updating your battle royale game.

There’s the approach Epic Games is taking, where it releases updates every 17 seconds, chasing whatever memes, trends, and movie tie-in licensing deals it can to stay relevant. While that is clearly working for Fortnite Battle Royale, in terms of staying popular and ultimately rinsing kids’ pocket money, it is to the detriment of staff working under what sounds like near-constant crunch conditions.

The second approach is the one Respawn is taking with Apex Legends. Rather than laying the track (and servicing the engine, and replacing all the components, and painting the carriages) while the train is running, ApeLegs is dropping content updates in big clumps. In between those major releases? Updates are primarily restricted to stability and bug fixing. It doesn’t necessarily benefit Respawn, but it’s the right thing to do for the wellbeing of its team.

(PUBG, meanwhile, kind of does both at once? It’s an interesting approach, delivering both constant tweaks and changes and massive, lumpy content updates.)

One of the benefits of Apex Legends’ approach to updates, then, is that when they do release something? It’s a biggun. Case in point: Apex Legends Season 3 contains a completely new map that we’re not sure anybody was expecting.

That new Apex Legends Season 3 map, called World’s Edge, is on a new planet. The heroes – including new legend, Crypto, who features heavily in the trailer – have left Planet Solace and made their way to Planet Talos. It’s a song of fire and ice, with the World’s Edge map filled with molten metal and chemical ice.

And a train. The train bit of the trailer is really cool.

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