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Nintendo’s Switch game Arms has just had its final content update, adding its last fighter Dr Coyle.

The Arms team wrote on the official blog (translation by Kotaku):

“As a big update, this time will be the last update. Of course we’ll continue tuning game balance, so please continue to enjoy Arms, which we have filled with so many lively characters up to this point!”

Check out the reveal trailer for Dr Coyle below:

As you can see, it’s an interesting mood-shift. Dr Coyle – the final fighter to round out the roster – takes on a bit of a spooky tone: creepy music, a sufficiently mad scientist laboratory, and a pretty dastardly-looking character.

It was also revealed that from now on, the game would only be receiving balance patches, not new content additions.

Arms has been a bit of an interesting one. At launch it was a very pleasant surprise, with a typically barmy Nintendo approach: essentially, it’s an up-ended, re-tooled version of Punch-Out! With fighters who have coiled springy arms.

After an initially impressive launch, reception cooled, and eyebrows remain cocked at its potential for eSports longevity – with its debut set for EVO Japan next year.

Still, it’s been a kooky, welcome cog in the Switch’s year one machine.

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