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Axiom Verge 2 announced for next fall

Axiom Verge 2 will give a beloved indie Metroidvania a long-awaited sequel.



Axiom Verge 2

Axiom Verge 2 will give a beloved indie Metroidvania a long-awaited sequel.

Today, Tom Happ revealed the game he’s been working on since shortly after the release of Axiom Verge in 2015.

“I’ve been quietly working on the next installment of Axiom Verge for about four years now,” Happ said in a brief video message before a trailer for the new game during Nintendo’s Indie World Direct this afternoon.

This follow-up, scheduled to release in fall 2020, eschews the cold sci-fi world of the first game. Instead, Axiom Verge 2 looks to embrace the beauty of nature. Mountains, waterfalls, pine trees and grass feature prominently in the trailer.

Axiom Verge 2 screenshots

The original game released in 2015, when Metroid-style games were still relatively rare. It will be interesting to see how its sequel fits into the current landscape. In the time since, 2D action-adventure games have flooded the indie market.

That said, if any game has a chance of standing out, it’s the sequel to the game Polygon hailed as the best indie Metroidvania of all time.

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