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Axiom Verge gets PS Vita release on 19th April

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Axiom Verge creator, Tom Happ, has announced that the game will come to PS Vita on 19th April.



Axiom Verge

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Axiom Verge creator, Tom Happ, has announced that the game will come to PS Vita on 19th April.

Axiom Verge was released on PlayStation 4 this time last year and was extremely well received, with reviewers appreciating its imaginative updating of the metroidvania formula.

The PS Vita port has been handled by Sickhead Games. In the post Happ gives the reason for the year-long delay:


For months, Tom Spilman was putting in all of the wiring, but until it was fully connected, the light bulb just couldn’t turn on. And finally, about a month ago, Tom Spilman was able to make the final connection. The build went from not running at all on Vita to running almost perfectly. There were a few bugs here and there that needed to be tweaked, but most of that was fairly minor and easily handled.

I had a brief hands on demo with the PS Vita build of the game during GDC – and will be posting more thoughts prior to the game’s release – but suffice to say it looks absolutely wonderful and feels like a perfect fit for Sony’s brave little handheld.

Axiom Verge will be a Cross Buy title and – as a little thank you for waiting – will also receive a 10% discount on both platforms for the first week after the PS Vita version launches.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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