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Bad North, this week’s Epic freebie, lets you fight viking hordes

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Bad North: Jotun Edition is as free as a viking ship on the open ocean.

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means? Free game!

Bad North: Jotun Edition is the definitive edition of Plausible Concept’s RTS. Dubbed as a “minimalist real-time tactics roguelike,” Bad North tasks the player with defending their island home from a horde of attacking vikings.

The game got decent reviews upon release last year, but mostly just got ignored. If tower defense-meets-RTS-meets-fighting-vikings seems like your thing, free is an excellent price.

Now that this one’s up for grabs, Epic has revealed next week’s freebie. Rayman Legends, the excellent 2013 sequel to Rayman Origins, will be available next Thursday.

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