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Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 is heading to Steam Early Access in February.

UK-based studio Bulkhead Interactive have confirmed that World War 2 shooter Battalion 1944 will enter Early Access on February 1, 2018.

Battalion 1944 is a passion project for Bulkhead, who have set out to capture the essence of early 90s shooters with an emphasis on close combat, and multiplayer arenas.

The game is being published with the backing of a successful Kickstarter campaign – which raised over £300,000 – and the fine folks at Square Enix Collective.

Joe Brammer, studio lead at Bulkhead Interactive, said in a press statement:

“It feels good to get Battalion 1944 into the hands of gamers after working on it so hard. We’ve been testing the game behind closed doors with our Kickstarter backers. It’s now time for us to extend our testing to Early Access to help what I believe can one of the best competitive FPS games ever.”

That’s fighting talk, and we like his confidence. Players will be able to judge the game for themselves with a controlled beta running from January 19-21, 2018. The beta will include the game’s Domination mode on its Manorhouse map, and the competitive Wartide mode on the Liberation map.

All Kickstarter and Humble Bundle backers will automatically gain access, and other interested players can apply here for the chance to take part.

Check out the trailer for Battalion 1944‘s early access.

The Early Access version of Battalion 1944 will come with six modes – which are yet to be confirmed – and will be released on Thursday 1st February.

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