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Battalion 1944 is free-to-play this weekend (and has 50% off, too)

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The Battalion 1944 free-to-play weekend is on now and runs through until October 7.

Battalion 1944, the competitive World War II shooter from developer Bulkhead Interactive and publisher Square Enix – specifically the indie-friendly Square Enix Collective – is a first-person shooter just like mama used to make.

Rather than hastily shoe-horned, trend-chasing battle royale modes – like Call of Duty’s Blackout, or Battlefield’s Firestorm – Battalion 1944 focuses on one game mode, 5v5 squads. It’s also all infantry-based. (You can’t magically spawn into planes overhead, for instance.)

That doesn’t mean there’s no variety to Battalion 1944, though. Within that 5v5 squad framework, different rulesets and game types bring some variety. During the game’s free weekend – which is on right now, by the way – there are a number of different queue types available:

  • Competitive
  • Unranked
  • Arcade
  • Rifles only

And also the option to create custom games. It’s also the start of the game’s new competitive season and to celebrate, special in-game missions will be running throughout the weekend.

Battalion 1944 is free-to-play through until October 7, at 5 pm GMT (that’s 9 am Pacific, noon on the US East Coast). As an added bonus, it’s also available with 50% off during the free weekend. If you really get into it, that gives you an opportunity to pick the game up with a healthy discount, and (presumably) continue on with the progress earned this weekend.

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