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Battlefront II: Night on Endor update lets you kill Ewoks

Yes, you can totally play as Ewoks and kill Stormtroopers, too, but nobody’s doing that.



battlefront ii night on endor

Yes, you can totally play as Ewoks and kill Stormtroopers, too, but nobody’s doing that.

Battlefront II has had a mixed reception. That’s certainly the polite way to put it. EA have shown both the light and (very) dark sides of publishing, with aggressive microtransaction mechanics that were toned down and, eventually, removed altogether. (Though it appears they may be returning next week, as part of the update detailed below.)

But if you did enjoy the straightforward Battlefield-in-Star-Wars-cosplay feel of the first game, then Battlefront II – including new environments, game modes, heroes, and the all-important campaign which was criminally missing from the first – then there’s plenty to enjoy in Battlefront II.


The Battlefront II: Night on Endor update might sound like the title of a bawdy, 80s comedy, but it’s actually a limited-time event – commencing on April 18, 2018 – allowing you to battle for the planet of Endor. At night. It’s pretty self-explanatory. According to the press release:

Starting on April 18, players can jump into a new, limited-time mode, unlock special Appearances via Crystals and/or Credits and more in the Star Wars Battlefront II Night on Endor update.


Whether you begin as an Ewok defending your homeland and stalking your Imperial enemy, or as a stormtrooper fighting to escape the ambush, players can fight through the night for control of Endor in the all-new Ewok Hunt mode.

Yes, microtransactions are back and that’s upsetting, but did you say “Ewok Hunt” mode? For people of a certain age, who felt George Lucas’ brigade of mutant Teddy Ruxpins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in an epic trilogy, that’s music to our ears.


Now, if we could just arrange for the entire prequel trilogy to somehow become the target of the next update, that would be lovely.

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