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Borderlands 3 meets Oceans 11 next month.

On Dec. 19, Borderlands 3 ‘s first campaign DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, arrives. This new expansion, unveiled on Kinda Funny’s The Borderlands Show, will introduce a series of missions with the promise of new loot and the return of (the hologram of) beloved villain, Handsome Jack.

Borderlands 3 Puts it All on Jack

“This new adventure takes place on The Handsome Jackpot, a glitzy casino matching the massive ego of its now-deceased owner, and sees you attempting to reach the casino’s core and take total control of the station,” reads a blurb on the official Borderlands website.

“That’s easier said than done: the place is crawling with multiple models of Hyperion Loader Bots who will try to kill you on sight, as well as lunatic looters who’ve been trapped aboard The Handsome Jackpot ever since Jack’s death.”

The TL;DR of the story is: Moxxi shared her plans for the casino with Jack while they were dating. He then stole the plans after their break-up (and added a hologram of himself to gloat over the casino). The heist that Moxxi has invited the Vault Hunters to join her in is her way of getting back at the old Hyperion boss.

Since the end of October, Gearbox’s loot-shooter has been in the grips of a free Halloween-themed seasonal event, Bloody Harvest. That will come to an end on Dec. 5, two weeks before Vault Hunters can join Moxxi for a raid on Jack’s casino.

It’s important to note: this is a paid expansion, not a free update. With the purchase of a season pass for $49.99, players gain access to Moxxi’s Heist, and three other promised expansions, which have not yet been unveiled.

December is usually a light month for games. Aside from a few eagerly anticipated releases, like Wattam and Life is Strange 2, this year is no different. Moxxi’s Heist will, at the very least, give fans of the successful shooter something to play during hobby’s holiday hibernation.

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