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Borderlands 3 debuts to record-breaking sales, forcing angry gamers into temporary ceasefire with the Epic Game Store.

In its first five days, Borderlands 3 has surpassed Borderlands 2’s sales across the same time period by 50 percent, 2K reported today. Those numbers make the eagerly anticipated shooter the fastest-selling title in 2K history. The loot-shooter is also 2K’s most successful PC title in a five-day window.

The Borderlands franchise has now generated more than $1 billion in Net Bookings for 2K, making Borderlands 2K’s second franchise to cross that threshold.

“The response from the Borderlands 3 fans and community has been overwhelming,” said Gearbox Software founder and Borderlands 3 executive producer, Randy Pitchford.

“The mission of Gearbox is to entertain the world and with the record-breaking success of Borderlands 3, we’re excited to take one more giant leap down that road. On behalf of the incredible development team and everyone who has had a hand in making this achievement possible, I extend our warmest thanks to our fans.”

Borderlands 3 broke a few more records, too. Seventy percent of players opted to purchase digital copies. As a result, Borderlands 3 has the highest percentage of digital sales for a cross-platform, cross-distribution title for the publisher. Additionally, BL3 broke pre-order records for 2K and the Epic Game Store.

Borderlands 3 was also the most watched game on Twitch on the day of its release. It has already generated 14 million hours worth of content viewed on Twitch. That means that in five days, Borderlands 3 has already surpassed its predecessor’s lifetime hours viewed.

Even with all that success, Borderlands 3 still has a long way to go. As of last month, Borderlands 2, the series’ last mainline entry, had sold 22 million copies worldwide.

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