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Gearbox announces Borderlands 3 level cap increase, Broken Hearts Day event

The developer’s “community love letter” outlines upcoming events, tweaks and changes to Borderlands 3.



Borderlands 3 level cap broken hearts day
Gearbox / Thumbsticks

The developer’s “community love letter” outlines upcoming events, tweaks and changes to Borderlands 3.

Gone are the days of sending your game out into the world and moving on. Nowadays, all being well, you’ll be supporting it for months and years after the initial release. Kinda like being a parent whose kids will never be able to clear their student loan debt or buy their own house.

That means much longer periods of support, tweaking, and content updates for games. That also means constant updates and comms to the game’s audience. (See also: the sweeping changes coming to Anthem after a rocky first year.)

In comms to fans of Borderlands 3, in what Gearbox and 2K are calling a “community love letter“, we’ve learned about upcoming changes to the looty-shooty game, five months after release.

Level cap increase

The Borderlands 3 level cap is increasing. But don’t get too excited: it’s only going from level 50 to level 53. That doesn’t seem like much – probably because it isn’t – but it will allow players to eke out a few more skill points on upgrades. Additionally, more level cap increases will be coming in future, so expect the ceiling to creep up in increments over the coming months.

Gearbox promises that all Borderlands 3 level cap increases will be available free to all players, and won’t be locked away in any paid DLC or expansions.

Broken Hearts Day event

Broken Hearts Day is Borderlands 3’s antidote to Valentine’s Day. This seasonal event will spawn hearts floating around enemies which, if you shoot them, will confer benefits and rewards to players. Shooting hearts will grant you buffs and perks, and if you collect enough? You’ll get access to rewards, including “special skins and Legendary weapons unique to this event”.

Oddly, Borderlands 3’s Broken Hearts Day event might not be playable on Valentine’s Day. It will be available for exactly one week “once the February patch deploys later this month” and will available for free to all players on all platforms.

Additional Borderlands 3 improvements, February 2020

  • True Takedown mode
  • Skippable cutscenes
  • Fight for your life improvements
  • Guardian rank toggling
  • Limited-time event toggling
  • Performance and stability updates
  • Mayhem 2.0
  • Twitch extension improvements

Update: February 13, 2020

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Borderlands 3’s Broken Hearts Day event is now live. It will run until February 20th, so even if you have plans for Valentine’s Day, you’ll still have a good few days to play.

Or be like me and Mrs B: stay in on Valentine’s and play Borderlands 3 together in local co-op!

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