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Destiny 2 makes a positive first impression on its big reveal.

The trailer says it all, really. A change of tone, a little more swagger, and a lot more fun. If the objective of yesterday’s Destiny 2 reveal was to reignite enthusiasm for a highly popular, but strangely insulated franchise, it was a job well done.

You’ve probably seen the trailer already, but it’s worth noting just how warm and humourous it is, despite the story’s evident high stakes. It’s a far cry from the portentous tone struck by the original Destiny reveal, and all the better for it.

Destiny 2 is evidently a new beginning for the franchise, as well as for its long time players who will see the slate wiped clean on their progress. The back of the box will say something like: four new worlds, a brand new enemy, exciting new subclasses, a new raid, a full single-player campaign. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. It’s what players wanted, and Bungie and Activision have evidently listened.

Community elements are also pushed to the fore with new social features that will assist in building Fireteams. And Guided Clans will help players find a group for a one-off raid adventures. It all points to Destiny 2 being bigger, prettier, and more accessible.

Destiny 2

We’ll be able to make a better judgement of the changes when the game receives a beta this summer. You can take part by pre-ordering the game, naturally. Find out more on the official Destiny website.

The one sour note is that the welcome PC version of the game will only be available through Battle.net. Let us know what you think of this decision in the comments.

Destiny 2 will coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, PC, and Xbox One on September 8, 2017.

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