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Call of Duty: WWII ran into a spot of bother when it released on Friday: it proved so popular that many players experienced server issues.

In a blog post, Developer Sledgehammer games said they were experiencing “extremely high demand,” and that players were getting “mixed online connectivity.”

Sledgehammer has since rolled out a number of changes, saying, “Since launch, we have been working hard around the clock to optimize the experience for everyone and have made a series of updates to address issues over the last 48 hours.”

Of these changes, one is fairly significant in its effect on play: the Headquarters social space has now been made a “solo experience”. It was similar to the way that Destiny’s Tower works, in that players were able to gather and socialise; now players must manually invite friends to join them in the HQ.

Sledgehammer has said that the social space functionality will return “shortly”.

Leaderboard updates have also been temporarily deactivated, with Sledgehammer assuring people that stats will be kept track of: “Rest assured, your leaderboard stats are being recorded and stored, and leaderboard data will be reflected soon.”

Connectivity has reportedly improved, but there was a further problem reported: players have been losing their multiplayer progression data. The developer has since isolated the bug and made a fix, and most players only lost 5 levels or fewer, but it’s obviously still annoying.

Sledgehammer signed off on a positive note for Call of Duty: WWII, saying, “We’re extremely grateful for all of the enthusiasm, and couldn’t be more excited to have launch weekend here.”

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