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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare adds Rust, and four other maps, for its second season.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare kicked off its second season today. With the new phase came a raft of new content. Most exciting for long-time fans? Get your tetanus shots, folks. Rust is back.

Rust is a small-scale desert map structured around a rusty central tower. First introduced in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, its verticality and compact size have made it a frantic fan favourite in the decade-plus since its initial release.

Everything Else Coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

But, Infinity Ward has added a ton of other stuff to the game, too, including four more maps. A new one called Atlas Superstore joins the multiplayer roster and Zhokov Boneyard has been added to the Battlefield-like Ground War mode. Additionally, Bazaar has been added to the Gunfight mode. Judging by the update posted on the Call of Duty Twitter, it appears that Rust will also be available to play in Gunfight.

New multiplayer modes — Gunfight Tournaments and CDL Playlist — have also been added. And new guns, Grau 5.56 and Striker 45, are now in the game, as well.

Rust aside, the biggest change coming to the game today is the addition of a new operator, Ghost. Two more will join the game over the course of the season: Talon and Mace. We don’t have dates for those additions yet, or for the debut of another new multiplayer map, Khandor Hideout.

But, we do know that during Season Two, Infinity Ward will be adding at least four more multiplayer modes, including Infected Ground War, NVG Reinforce and Gunfight Variants. One more gun is also coming down the pipe, but Infinity Ward is remaining coy on what it will be.

Overall, it’s a lot of new content for COD fans. To be honest, Rust alone might be enough to get me back in the game.

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