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Carrion, the Metroidvania that makes you a monster, is coming to Xbox One

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Carrion, the “reverse horror game,” will devour the Xbox One.

“You’re actually a monster” is a pretty common twist that games (including a very good Star Wars RPG that’s conspicuously absent from this list) have trotted out over the years to suggest moral depth. But, in the case of Carrion, a Metroidvania from Phobia Game Studio, it’s not a twist; it’s the pitch.

In the Devolver Digital-published game, you assume the amorphous role of a big red monster. You don’t know anything about your origins, just that the scientists you rip and tear through imprisoned you and experimented on you. It’s like Ape Out, but you’re a brutal spaghetti monster.

Basically, it looks like an entire game built around the horrifying final minutes of Inside. And, sometime next year, it will be *ahem* inside your Xbox One. Devolver has announced that the title will be coming to Microsoft’s platform with a carnage-filled video on Twitter.

The game is also releasing on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4. No word yet on a Switch release, though if the game is anything like its monster, it will eventually envelop us all.

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