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Get No Man’s Sky – including the Next update – for half price, raise money for charity, and get a Steam key with Humble.

No Man’s Sky Next is finally upon us. Sean Murray – and his apparent kaomoji breakdown – have taken to Twitter to confirm as much.

First there was a welcome to the brand new Xbox crew:

And then the upgrade for PS4 explorers:

And to be honest, he’s not the only one. The No Man’s Sky Discord is a bit excitable, too:

But after the two years Hello Games has had, it’s no surprise that things are a little unhinged. With the release of No Man’s Sky Next, however, not only is the game in better shape than when it released – though for the record, we rather liked the vanilla game – but it’s also far closer to the (inflated, unrealistic, accidentally overblown, poorly managed) expectations.

If you got in on the game early, we’d recommend you download the No Man’s Sky Next update and go back, as there’s much more to see and do – including proper multiplayer. If you haven’t given the game a try before, there’s also a significant discount for PC players: 50% off No Man’s Sky, including the Next update for free. (For PC gamers at least; no discounts appear to be available on console. Sorry!)

You can get this limited-time discount via the Steam store, of course. But even better than that, if you pick up No Man’s Sky from the Humble Store – with 50% off, and you’ll still get a Steam key – you’ll also be raising money for charity. A massive content and feature update, with half off and a charity donation? Even more reason to get in on No Man’s Sky Next.

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