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Celeste and Inside are two of the best games of this console generation. Right now, they’re also free on the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store continues to offer fantastic games for free. This week, Epic’s offering two incredible, narrative-driven platformers to anyone with their launcher.

Celeste, Matt Makes Games’ follow-up to Towerfall, is a “masocore” platformer (à la Super Meat Boy). Celeste distinguished itself from the pack with fantastic game feel, an impressive suite of accessibility options and an impactful story about mental health. Last December, it picked up the Best Independent Game award at The Game Awards.

Meanwhile, Inside, Playdead’s long-awaited Limbo successor, casts players as a faceless boy exploring a dystopian city. Come for the eerie mood and excellent puzzle-platforming. Stay in your chair for a half-hour after you finish it pondering one of gaming’s most WTF endings.

Next week, Epic will offer Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel’s The End is Nigh and Giant Squid’s Abzu.

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