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The Circuit Superstars spring update features improved physics, new content

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There are two new courses, a new class of car, and a bunch of quality of life improvements in the Circuit Superstars spring update.

Circuit Superstars, the dinky racing delight from developer Original Fire Games and publisher Square Enix Collective, is a lovely little thing. Like its minimalist peer, Art of Rally, it captures that Micro Machines vibe while still remaining technically challenging.

There’s something for everyone hidden under that cute little bonnet, and with the Circuit Superstars spring update, there’s now even more.

Circuit Superstars spring update – new content

  • New class: Road Rebel – the new touring car class is available to play on every course, and will bring with it two new tournaments, Stock CarGP and Touring GP.
  • New circuit: Speedopolis – “allows players to drive at full speed by calm golfers.”
  • New circuit: Thunder Point – “a fast-paced track that will challenge your skills with any car.”

Circuit Superstars spring update – other improvements

  • Improved physics model – “significant improvements focusing on how cars react to external forces. This new update enhances close racing, helps with online racing synchronization, and improves the experience of racing against AI.”
  • Custom private lobbies – “allows players to organize their own events just as they would on Free Play. Their friends or competitors can join the race via a lobby code/invite.”
  • PS4-specific improvements – “PlayStations 4 specific improvements have been added with this update, such as Anti-Aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, and new visible Tire Marks.”
  • General improvements – including reverse track cameras, UI refinements, and a number of smaller tweaks and bug fixes (with full details on the Circuit Superstars blog).

The Circuit Superstars spring update is available now, free for all players.

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