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Game… not over, man.

Cold Iron Studios has announced its new third-person actioner, Aliens: Fireteam. This cooperative shooter will drop players into an extreme fight to eliminate the iconically deadly Xenomorphs this summer.

In collaboration with 20th Century Studios, Cold Iron Studios has developed a survival experience akin to Left 4 Dead, where players will face off against hordes of different Xenomorphs.

Aliens: Fireteam screenshot

Players can customise their characters and spray acid blood over the walls OF LV-895 with over 30 weapons – ranging from the rattling Pulse Rifles to glorious flame throwers.

With up to two other friends or AI teammates, players will assume the role of Colonial Marines and face off against over 20 enemy types, which also include Weyland-Yutani Synthetics.

In typical Alien fashion, your mission starts with a response to a distress call from the outer colonies. There, you will shockingly discover overrun facilities, abandoned ruins, and intriguing alien landscapes, all of which don the stunning yet familiar visuals of the Alien franchise.

Aliens: Fireteam will have four campaigns to play through, with each bringing powerful weapons, futuristic equipment, and the spooky soundscape of the franchise to the fore.

Aliens: Fireteam screenshot

Described as a “new chapter” in the Alien franchise, fans will be hoping for an authentic experience from this shooter. Years later, the sour taste of Aliens: Colonial Marines still lingers.

Aliens: Fireteam will arrive on Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as steam this summer.

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