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In their ongoing quest to put RGB lights in everything, Corsair would very much like to introduce you to their new LL Series RGB fans.

Where does the RGB lighting craze end? RGB dental fillings? RGB drinks coasters? RGB condoms?

Hot on the heels of their Vengeance RGB RAM – seriously, who ever thought your RAM needed to light up? – and their Void RGB headsets – which to be fair, don’t look entirely stupid – Corsair is at it again, with something a little more conventional: their new LL Series RGB fans.

Light-up fans are nothing new, of course. But usually, it’s one colour, and you theme your case accordingly for an overall aesthetic. And if you’re a crazy person, you mix and match your colours, giving the impression of the inside of a bag of Skittles.

If you want to be able to mix up your colours – including changing hues, patterns and sequencing – then the LL Series RGB fans might be the solution for you. They utilise 12 LEDs in the outer ring and four in the inner ring, for a rather pleasing liquid flow effect in motion, as seen here:

You can buy the LL Series RGB fans singly, or in packs of two 140mm or three 120mm fans. Included in multipack boxes is a Corsair Lighting Node Pro, which allows you to connect and control up to 12 RGB fans (or eight RBG lighting strips) using Corsair Link software. You’ll need to bring your own Lighting Node Pro if you buy the fans singly, but it makes sense, ensuring you don’t end up with a stockpile of redundant lighting control units when scaling out one fan at a time.

Being high-quality Corsair fans, they’re PWM controlled to allow for both stealthy and full-power operation, and they also include cables and rubber mounting grommets.

Oh, and they’re available to purchase right now.

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