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Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator is getting new free and paid DLC later this month.

A year on from its successful Kickstarter campaign, Weather Factory’s Lovecraftian card game, Cultist Simulator, is getting new paid DLC and some free content updates.

First up is The Dancer, a new content expansion that will be released on October 16, 2018. It includes two new Ascensions, plus a new Legacy in which players can pursue a career as a dancer at the occult cabaret venue, the Ecdysis Club. It sounds like a smart career move to us. What could possibly go wrong?

The expansion is priced at a disturbingly reasonable $2.99/£2.50/€2.39.

Cultist Simulator DLC

A clutch of free updates will also be released for the game on the same day. Wounds and scars will make it safer to send followers on Expeditions, and their enhancements will now follow them into death. There are also new romance options – meaning you can now court your devoted cultists – and rivalries that will come into play if you mistreat your followers.

The update will be accompanied by a host of technical and UI improvements in the beautifully named Let’s Not Get RSI bundle.

Cultist Simulator is available now on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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