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Darwin Project, the battle royale survival hybrid from Scavengers Studio, is now free-to-play on Xbox One.

We still shiver when we think back to the initial unveiling of Darwin Project at Xbox E3 2017 press conference, but when experienced without the overbearing squawk of a shoutcaster, the game’s blend of survival and battle royale was quite promising.

Scavengers Studio has confirmed that the game – which has been in Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access since March – has now moved to a free-to-play model.

Players who have already purchased Darwin Project will be rewarded with a Founder’s Pack containing two legendary sets of cosmetics that consist of a shirt, pants, armour, helmet, and boots, plus three legendary axes, three legendary bows, a full jumpsuit collection, and 10 fan gifts.

The game is also jumping on the World Cup bandwagon by offering a range of football-themed sportswear until July 12. The attire can be earned through opening fan gifts or via the in-game Ramen currency,

In a post on Xbox Wire, Simon Darveau, creative director of Scavengers Studio, said:

“Dropping the price tag is a big change, but we remain committed to the same vision that has guided the development for over three years, and that means providing the best experience we can for all Darwin Project inmates. We hope that by switching to a free-to-play model, both early adopters and newcomers will be able to get the most out of Darwin Project.”

Darwin Project is available to download for free right now.

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