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Some interesting games (and Days Gone) join PlayStation Now in October

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Days Gone (and a bunch of better games) join the PlayStation Now service in October 2020.

When we played Days Gone at E3 2018 – remember when Sony did E3? Remember when anyone could do E3? – it was, frankly, pretty rubbish. It combines risible writing and story with a zombie horde mechanic that frequently descends into Benny Hill chase scenes.

Then, with months between that demo and the game’s release in April 2019… it didn’t get any better. Days Gone received a pretty poor critical reception. It wasn’t universally panned, but it wasn’t good reading for Sony, either.

And, somehow, it still sold by the bucketload. Absolutely hand over fist. We were in a lull between big releases, and there was more than a little bit of the no-girls-allowed-in-our-treehouse crowd latching onto the budget Sons of Anarchy “manly biker” protagonist (why are they so afraid of strong women?) and so, inexplicably, it sold well.

We certainly wouldn’t advocate paying full price for it, though, naff as it is. But if you’re a curious PlayStation Now subscriber, and perhaps a bit of a masochist, then you’re in luck: Days Gone has just joined the service.

More importantly, some less rubbish games have also joined the service, including the remake of PlayStation classic Medievil, asymmetric multiplayer horror game Friday the 13th, magical 2.5D puzzle-platformer Trine 4, and interesting radioactive roguelike Rad, from Double Fine Productions. (Which is doubly interesting because Double Fine is now an Xbox studio, remember.

The announcement on the Sony blog is quick to confirm that Days Gone will leave PlayStation Now on January 5, 2021. (It is less forthcoming on the departure date for the good games.)

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