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Prep for Days Gone with the official soundtrack and two new videos

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Immerse yourself in the world of Days Gone with the original soundtrack, featuring music from Nathan Whitehead, and songs by Jack Savoretti and Lewis Capaldi.

Sony Music has released 25 track soundtrack album to accompany Sony Bend’s open world action game, Days Gone.

The album features a score composed by Nathan Whitehead (The Purge: Election YearTransformers: Dark of the MoonBeyond Skyline) as well as songs by Jack Savoretti, Billy Raffoul, Zander Reese, and Lewis Capaldi.

Days Gone - Original Soundtrack

Speaking about the themes that influenced the score, Whitehead says:

“The ideas that define the score are the tenacity of the human spirit and the value of relationships. Early in the process John Garvin, creative director at Sony’s Bend Studio, described to me how the game isn’t simply about surviving, it also examines why we want to survive. When I heard that, I was instantly excited about all the places the music could go. I found it really interesting to be navigating the survival aspect and also this introspective aspect at the same time. The Pacific Northwest setting is absolutely beautiful and it really felt like the score needed to connect to this environment as well. Deacon and the environment seemed to call for an organic, lived-in sound with a touch of Americana.”

Ahead of the the game’s imminent release, Sony has also released two new videos. The first is a new gameplay trailer, but of more interest is the second, in which Sony Bend’s John Garvin speaks about the brutality and danger to be found in the game’s vast open world.

Days Gone – Original Soundtrack – Track list

  1. Days Gone
  2. The Freakshow
  3. We’ve All Done Things
  4. Rest in Peace
  5. Finding NERO
  6. The Broken Road
  7. The Rager Bear
  8. A Good Soldier
  9. Lost Lake
  10. I Remember
  11. Keep Them Safe
  12. Riding NOMAD
  13. Promises and Regrets
  14. You’re Safe Now
  15. What Did You Do?
  16. Drifting Away
  17. Sarah’s Theme
  18. Light One Candle
  19. Never Give Up
  20. Holy War
  21. Why We Fight
  22. Soldier’s Eyes – performed by Jack Savoretti
  23. Hell or High Water – performed by Billy Raffoul
  24. Days Gone Quiet- performed by Lewis Capaldi
  25. Yesterday- performed by Zander Reese

The Days Gone original soundtrack album is available to download or stream now from Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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