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De Mambo Nintendo Switch release date confirmed

The Dangerous Kitchen confirm the Nintendo Switch release date for De Mambo.



De Mambo - Nintendo Switch release date

The Dangerous Kitchen confirm the Nintendo Switch release date for De Mambo.

If you’re a long time reader of Thumbsticks you might recall that we first met indie studio, The Dangerous Kitchen, back in 2015. At the time they had just begun development of their first game, De Mambo, and had set up shop at a Premier Inn hotel in west London. A few months later we caught up with them again as they launched a Kickstarter to fund development of the game.

Having raised the necessary spendits to continue their work, The Dangerous Kitchen took the game on the road, and caught the eye of Nintendo at last year’s Bit Summit expo in Japan.

Originally pitched to debut on the PS Vita, the game has now made the switch to the Nintendo Switch, and its Smash Bros-like local multiplayer mode – which supports up to four Joy-Con controllers – has now been complemented by solo challenge and survival modes.

De Mambo was released in Japan last week, and will be hitting Nintendo eShops worldwide on Thursday July 13th, 2017. The game is due to arrive on PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.

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