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Dead Cells is a near-perfect roguelite. Its spin-off, Dead Phone Battery, has finally arrived.

Dead Cells garnered rave reviews as an early access title on PC. Then, it garnered rave reviews as a 1.0 release on Steam and consoles. Now, Motion Twin’s action-platformer is going for the hattrick with its launch today on Apple devices.

Motion Twin is planning a Dead Cells Android version for “later.”

Announced this spring, the Dead Cells iOS version offers controller support, remappable and resizable on-screen buttons and auto-hit. If the game’s initially sluggish Switch port is any indicator, this may not be the ideal place to play this extremely demanding game. However, the studio behind the port, Playdigious, has experience getting PC- and console-quality games (like Teslagrad and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap) up-and-running on smartphones.

The price has also been reduced from the previously announced $9.99 to $7.99. That’s an excellent justification if you, like me, are considering buying Dead Cells for a second time. (Or third.)

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