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Let your imagination run wild – the Xbox Design Lab has re-opened, and you can now design custom Xbox Series X|S controllers.

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in just one colour choice: mostly white, with a hint of black accents. Which some people really love, I’m sure, but the controllers, in particular, are a bit of an issue – white plastic is prone to picking up grimy finger marks.

Remember how excited everyone was, then, when PlayStation deigned us worthy of two additional DualSense controller colours that wouldn’t be so easy to gunk up? Two. Two whole colours! Taking us to a total of three colours! It blew our little minds.

Meanwhile at Microsoft… Xbox has just re-opened the Xbox Design Lab custom shop for Xbox controllers to include the Xbox Series X|S controller.

That means you can now design – and, more importantly, buy! – Xbox Series X|S controllers in pretty much any colour combination you like.

There’s a base palette of 18 colours to choose from, and you can customise basically any bit of the controller, from the main chassis to the buttons, triggers and thumbsticks. You can even get it engraved if you so wish.

custom xbox series X S controller thumbsticks orange grey

We’re partial to a bit of grey and orange, naturally.

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