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After last week’s leak, some more details have come to light about the new Battlefield game’s campaign and mechanics.

According to GamesBeat, the site to break the story originally, the main campaign is going to include a series of different stories taking place alongside one another. It’s a similar system to the one that was used in Battlefield 1, giving players a rounded view of the conflict from different perspectives.

The game’s working title is currently ‘Battlefield V’, and this may be subject to change – that same name was also used as a placeholder for Battlefield 1 when that game was in development.

The same report then goes on to state that DICE is working on a co-op mode for the game. There aren’t any details yet as to what form this will take, if it will be online or will support split-screen. We will have to wait and see.

Another minor detail that is being reported is the ability for players to go prone on their backs.

GamesBeat also corroborates a report from USGamer stating that the new Battlefield will have lootboxes, but they will only be for cosmetic purposes.

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