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Like the idea of Rage 2, but wish the wasteland were a bit more East End? Then have we got a treat for you.

Rage 2 is the sequel nobody really knew they wanted. After a fun but tepidly-received first game, Bethesda surprised everyone with the announcement of Rage 2 around E3 last year.

It’s a very brash and manic wasteland riot, in a Borderlands sense. Given how similar the games are in concept and tone, in a roundabout way – following the recent announcement of Borderlands 3Rage 2 looks like the trendsetter, with Gearbox’s sequel clinging to its coattails.

Do you know something Borderlands 3 won’t have, that Rage 2 definitely does?

Danny. Flipping. Dyer.

Lord Dyer – the direct descendant of Edward Plantagenet, don’t you know – is telly royalty in the UK, beloved for his wideboy charm, off-the-cuff banter, and hilarious outbursts. His voiceover in Rage 2 appears to be directly in this mould.

Called the Diamond Geezer cheat code, you can summon Danny Dyer into your Rage 2 session to wax lyrical over the game’s proceedings. It’s like downloading a cockney voice pack for your sat nav, but with swearing and explosions and murder, rather than roundabouts and traffic lights and safe u-turns.

This might be our second favourite Dyer performance since he weighed in on David Cameron and Brexit:

We can’t confirm whether Dyer will refer to anyone as a “twat” in his voiceover, but it will be nice to imagine the enemies are David Cameron.

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