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The first part of a new multi-episode adventure brings Star Trek: Discovery to Cryptic’s popular MMORPG, Star Trek Online.

Players of Star Trek Online on PC can now download Age of Discovery, the first content expansion for the game based on the CBS TV series, Star Trek: Discovery.

The update is available for free – via Arc and Steam – and lets players create a Starfleet Captain from the timeline of the new series. Cadet Sylvia Tilly is also along for the ride, and voiced by the show’s Mary Wiseman.

The update features two new Discovery episodes for all characters, a new Task Force Operation, and a new format for the Mission Journal which aims to assist players in exploring the game’s key story arcs.

Here’s the expansion’s launch trailer.

More Age of Discovery content will be released in November, beginning with a Featured Task Force Operation, and early 2019 will see the release of content based on the acclaimed episode, Into the Forest I Go.

Developer Cryptic Studios says that Age of Discovery will come to the console editions of Star Trek Online at a later date.

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