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Doom and Doom II get major additions, including John Romero’s Sigil

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Doom and Doom II now support add-ons on all platforms.

Yesterday, Bethesda announced that it had released an update bringing big improvements to all versions of id’s classic shooters.

The patch added Add-On support, which allows players to download official and community-created content from the main menu. Among the included add-ons, Sigil, id co-founder John Romero’s unofficial — until now? — 2019 wad.

This update also adds the option to play both games at 60 FPS, new aspect ratio options, and brightness tweaks. Additionally, players using controllers will now be able to use the d-pad or a weapon carousel to switch guns, instead of scrolling manually.

Here’s the full list of updates, changes, improvements, etc. The big takeaway, though, is that this update has been rolled out to all versions of the games. TL;DR, you can now play Sigil on a phone.

And you should play it quick, because in a few months, we’ll have a new id joint to sink our teeth into. Doom Eternal launches March 20.

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