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Mick Gordon’s killer Doom soundtrack is breaking free from digital hell, and storming on to CD and vinyl this summer.

Bethesda, id software, and ZeniMax are partnering with Laced Records to bring the thrilling soundtrack to 2016’s Doom reboot to physical formats later this year.

Doom (Original Game Soundtrack) – to give the release its official name – will be available in four formats.

Doom (Original Game Soundtrack) – Vinyl and CD

  1. Deluxe Double CD
  2. Double Vinyl – 20 tracks selected by the id developers
  3. Special Edition Four-Disc Vinyl
  4. Special Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set pressed on red 180g wax with a Deluxe Double CD, and a limited-edition turntable slip mat.

The limited edition vinyl box set will only be available to pre-order directly from Laced Records until May 2, 2018.

Doom Soundtrack CD and vinyl

Composed by Mick Gordon, Doom’s brutal and intense music has been hailed as classic of modern game composition. In his talk at last year’s GDC, he explained the process behind creating a skull-crunching sound that pays tribute to the franchise’s past, but is also fresh and modern:

“They sent me a music design document that started like this, ‘Doom is about demons on Mars. You have a shotgun. Send them back to hell.'”

To say it was a job well done is an understatement.

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