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Doomfist has definitely not been skipping arm day, has he?

Blizzard are pretty reliable with their timings.

Something appears in the PTR (Playable Test Realm) for PC players. Then adventurous players, or those with a community-minded approach to quality control, kick the tyres a bit. Then, a few weeks later, it launches into the main game proper on PC and consoles.

Usually, it’s something pretty small – a buff, a nerf, or a combination of both to enact balance changes on the overall experience; Overwatch is a movable feast, after all – but sometimes, it’s a bit bigger. And Doomfist is very, very big indeed.

And now, following his obligatory testing period, Doomfist is busting out of the PTR and punching his way onto the main game on July 27th, 2017. Why those particular choices of words? Well, here’s Doomfist’s origin story video:

Yes, people were disappointed that Doomfist isn’t voiced by Terry Crews, but it’s now blindingly apparent that he wasn’t the right man for the role, especially when you see some of his upcoming skins. It’s important that Overwatch’s new hero – real name Akande Ogundimu – lives up to his Nigerian heritage. Key to that is a convincing African accent, which, as much as I love Crews, he may have struggled to deliver.

And more to the point, let’s not keep talking about Doomfist in terms of him not being Terry Crews, let’s instead talk about who he is: he’s actor Sahr Ngaujah, and he’s an excellent choice.

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