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Double Trouble is brewing as new war advancements coming to Wargroove, the Advanced Wars spiritual successor.

Wargroove, Chucklefish’s turn-based tactics game released earlier this year, is getting free DLC across all platforms. Chucklefish announced the expansion earlier today, with a post on the Wargroove dev blog.

The indie publisher hasn’t yet announced a release date for the expansion, titled Double Trouble, just yet, but the list of additions coming to the game is sizeable.

Double Trouble adds a new campaign, designed to be played co-op — couch and online — but which can be completed solo. It also adds three new commanders — powerful soldiers with unique combat skills — and two new units, Thieves and Riflemen.

Additionally, the expansion will include new arcade missions and competitive online quickplay maps. Public and private multiplayer lobbies are also coming, and with them the ability to play custom campaigns online.

Wargroove Double Trouble

Chucklefish is adding new music tracks, and a new volcano map theme, which creators can use in the map editing tool suite. Wargroove’s toolkit is getting other major improvements, too, including the ability to tweak the numbers on damage a unit deals and receives, among others.

And, a ton of units are getting balance tweaks. This will definitely mean a lot to players, but we won’t go into it here. For all the information, check out Chucklefish’s original post here.

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