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DualSense functions for future Xbox controller, hints Phil Spencer

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Phil Spencer expresses his admiration for Sony’s DualSense controller, and would like something similar for Xbox.

Sony’s Dualsense controller is one of the big selling points of the PlayStation 5. The Xbox Series X|S, however, sticks with a familiar design for its next-gen controller. Somewhere down the line, Microsoft could be looking to change that, as per a recent Kinda Funny Gamescast featuring head of Xbox Phil Spencer, which was later reported by VGC.

Speaking with the Kinda Funny team, Spencer discussed the potential future of Xbox accessories, before singling out Sony’s haptic controller:

“I think Sony’s done a nice job with their controller, and we kind of look at some of that and [think] there are things that we should go do.”

While many find the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense gimmicky, I personally miss it when not present – especially in narrative experiences. Haptic functionality in Xbox controllers would be a welcome addition, although it may be some time away, as Spencer commented:

“But [we’re] probably not in the more bespoke accessories place right now.”

It’s clear to see why Microsoft wouldn’t rush to create a haptic controller, with some players opting to turn these features off – especially for online games where speed is of the essence. However, with a host of big titles on the horizon – such as Starfield, Redfall and Halo Infinite – haptic feedback could be a future reason to go team Xbox.

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