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Koei Tecmo shows off new combat mechanics and environmental gameplay in a new Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer.

At last! Just kidding. But seriously, at last. This is exciting.

Koei Tecmo have revealed a new suite of combat mechanics and exploration features that will debut in the upcoming, Dynasty Warriors 9.

The new combat system will let players perform three different attack types that flow into each other. Trigger Attacks will allow players to start an explosive combo. This will then feed into a Flow Attack, which will change depending on an enemy’s state. Successfully executed combos will then prompt a Finish Attack to deliver a final mortal blow. The game’s developer, Omega Force, hopes the enhancements will create a fluid combat experience that will shake up the long-running – and some might say, tired – action franchise.

Koei Tecmo have released a new trailer which shows the new combat system in action, as well as providing a closer look at the game’s new open-world environments. For the first time in the Warriors series, players can climb buildings and mountains, wield grappling hooks, and use environmental objects in battle. It’s hardly Breath of the Wild, but it does look like being a much-needed step forward for the series.

Dynasty Warriors 9 doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but when it arrives it will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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