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A strategy game, a first-person shooter, and a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order are in the works at Respawn Entertainment.

EA’s relationship with Star Wars video games is a bit weird. After cancelling what seemed like the most promising single-player Star Wars game in years (and shuttering visceral and losing Amy Hennig in the process), the publishing giant threw its weight behind the multiplayer-only Battlefront series.


Then it came roaring back to single-player Star Wars games with Jedi: Fallen Order, the Star Wars game that dares ask the question: “We know there’s an infinite variety of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop aliens in the galaxy, but what if the protagonist was a poor facsimile of that ginger bloke from Riverdale?”

Galactic yawn. It’s probably no coincidence EA is losing its Star Wars exclusivity rights.

Meanwhile at Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the acclaimed and beloved Titanfall series, the fans were begging for Titanfall 3. So, naturally, EA set them to work on… Apex Legends, yet another battle royale hero shooter thing, and the aforementioned limp lettuce, Jedi: Fallen Order.

Yawn royale.

Combine those two narratives together and, naturally, we find ourselves at the latest EA announcement: Respawn Entertainment is working not on Titanfall 3 (that we know of) but on three new Star Wars games, including a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order.

One of these is going to be that sequel. The second is an “all-new first-person shooter” (so not Jedi Knight 3, then, the Star Wars FPS everyone actually wants) and the third is a strategy game? At least the strategy game, which is in development at newly-formed Bit Reactor, has a bit of pedigree – the team is made up of veterans of Firaxis Games, the 2K-owned studio behind Civilization and XCOM.

These are not the Star Wars video games you’re looking for. The latest Lego Star Wars title from TT Games looks a lot more promising than anything EA is cooking up, but it’s a shame about the crunch. Why can’t we just have nice things?

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