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Grab Europa Universalis II for free (and save big on other Paradox games)

Living up to the store’s name, you can get a good old game – Europa Universalis II – for absolutely nothing on the GOG store.



Europa Universalis II free on GOG

Living up to the store’s name, you can get a good old game – Europa Universalis II – for absolutely nothing on the GOG store.

Paradox’s 2001 “strategy game of the year” is available to mindlessly claim (no strings attached). You can just pop it in your library and never think about again if you get in there before 24th October. Or you could always give it a go? I hear it’s pretty swell.

Chances are, you might already own its 2013 sequel Europa Universalis IV, which has featured in bundles like the relatively recent Humble COVID-19 Bundle. A good chance to complete your collection, then.


PC Gamer also said at the time that its learning curve was “Himalayan”. It’s the kind of Crusader Kings-esque experience that has more right to advertise itself as being good for your brain than any Nootropic out there.

It comes alongside a sale on pretty much anything that’s a Paradox strategy game on the GOG store. Within the seven series of base games and expansions on offer, I’m personally quite partial to anything BATTLETECH and Stellaris myself. You have until October 24 to take advantage of that sale, as well.

Important to note: if you buy at least three games within any single series you’ll get an additional 10 per cent off. If you complete an entire collection of a game and its expansions, that bonus is 15 per cent.

One thing I find particularly fun to do is read these old reviews as if the game covered is a new release. You can get hyped and then access it for free. I hear the game now supports resolutions of 1024×768 and 1280×1024, guys! What a time to be alive.


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