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Everything announced at Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference

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Devolver promised us a dumpster fire with their Big Fancy Press Conference, and they didn’t disappoint.

Violence. Murder. Someone in a chroma green mocap suit dragging dead bodies off the stage, but not actually cut out of the feed using the chroma green suit. The ghost of Dave Lang. Nina Fucking Struthers. Jokes about blockchain and cryptocurrency. A robocop homage.

These are all the sorts of things you might expect from the Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference, but due to complaints from the general public following last year’s show – or “stinking bug fuck shit minions” to use Nina’s words – they have actually included some game reveals.

Here’s the full rundown on the games announced at Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference

List of Devolver Digital announcements


  • Developed by Gamespires with help from Croteam, the guys behind Serious Sam.
  • Has a bit of a Hunger Games crossed with Borderlands vibe.
  • It’s an early access game, because what isn’t these days?

My Friend Pedro

  • My Friend Pedro is developed by Deadtoast Entertainment.
  • It’s an ultra-violent, balletic, slow-motion action platformer, like a cross between a Hotline Miami, Contra, and a John Woo movie.
  • You’ve probably seen gifs of the game before on twitter. It’s pretty cool.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

  • Devolver have raided the archives and dredged up a lesser-known From Software classic.
  • When they teased this prior to the conference, we thought they were kidding.
  • Seriously, we thought they were kidding. It’s Devolver, they don’t take stuff seriously. Who can blame us for thinking that?
  • No, really, they are actually doing this one.

And that’s it. Three games. But then, you don’t come to the Devolver Digital conference for the games, do you? You come for the violence, the canned audience reactions, the fruity language, the disdain for gamers in general, and the overall hilarity of the piece. Seriously, it’s hilarious, and it’s 21 minutes long, so you should give it a look over.

Wow. Just, wow.

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