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Bethesda announce the first ever Fallout 4 free play event, coming to Xbox One and Steam this weekend.

From May 25 to 28, Fallout 4 will be free to download and play for all Xbox Live Gold Members and Steam users. All of Fallout 4’s base content will be included, as well as the game’s extensive range of mods. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like PlayStation 4 owners will get to take part.

Running alongside the Free Weekend promotion, the game – and its substantial season pass – will be discounted on Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Store, with reductions of up to 67% on offer.

Here’a short trailer from Bethesda to celebrate the news

Fallout 4 Free Weekend – time and dates


Free to play period

  • PT – Thursday 10am – Sunday 1pm
  • CEST – Thursday 7pm – Sunday 10pm
  • BST – Thursday 6pm – Sunday 9pm

Discount period

  • PT – Thursday 10am – Monday 10am
  • CEST – Thursday 7pm – Monday 7pm
  • BST – Thursday 6pm – Monday 6pm

Xbox One Game Store

Free to play and discount period

  • PT – Thursday at 12:01am – Sunday at 11:59pm
  • CEST – Thursday 9.01am – Monday 08.59am
  • BST – Thursday 8.01am – Monday 07.59am

If you enjoy your time in post-nuclear Boston, and need some Wasteland survival tips, head over to our Fallout hub.

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