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Check out the launch trailer for Farming Simulator 17 from Giants Software.

This year’s edition of Farming Simulator series looks to be the most ambitious yet, featuring huge new environments, hundreds of licensed vehicles, plus a host of online options including multiplayer and mod support. The attention-to-detail from GIANTS Software really has to be admired. It’s the Forza of agricultutral gaming, make no mistake.

Today’s launch trailer gives a taste of all the activities players will be able to take on when the game is released next week. You can catch up with all of the game’s previous trailers right here.

Farming Simulator 17 features

  • Over 250 authentic farming vehicles and equipment from more than 75 manufacturers, including  brands such as Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Fendt and Valtra.
  • A huge and detailed new North American environment
  • Multiple crop types including sunflowers and soy beans for the first time
  • Livestock options including cows, sheep, chickens and pigs
  • Forestry and produce trading
  • Goods transportation with trucks and trailers and trains
  • Online multiplayer, supporting six simultaneous farmers on console and 12 on PC
  • Download community created mods across each platform

Farming Simulator 17 will be released on Tuesday October 25, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Preorder Farming Simulator 17 on Amazon.

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