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New Fast RMX multiplayer update means you can finally challenge your friends

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A new update for Fast RMX adds Time Attack mode, and improved online multiplayer features.

Fast RMX was the other game people bought at the launch of the Nintendo Switch. In the absence of the F-Zero and – for the time being – Wipeout franchises, Shin’en’s game is the best future racer you can get right now. Mostly by default, admittedly.

Fortunately, Fast RMX is a solid arcade experience that makes a fantastic companion to the all-encompassing, Breath of the Wild. In our review we praised its sense of speed, course variety and local multiplayer options. There was a curious omission, however.

Although Fast RMX featured online multiplayer, there was no option to race against players from your Nintendo Switch Friends List. All that has changed with the rollout of today’s update for the game.

Fast RMX -Update

As promised by Shin’en last month, the update adds the ability to play against your friends online, as well as a new Time Attack mode. Time Attack features 90 time-trials in which you can attempt to beat times set by development team.

The update is available to download now, but if you have set your Switch to auto-update you should already be good to go.

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