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Our favourite CES innovation so far might actually be the most low-tech

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If you’re using a multi-monitor setup, there’s only one major drawback, right? Those horrible bezels between each display, that make your glorious window into other worlds look like plain old double glazing.

There are solutions, of course. You can buy a super-wide monitor, like the bonkers Acer Predator Z35P, but that still won’t be as wide as two or three (or four) panels side by side. Or you can spend extra on ‘frameless’ monitors with extra-thin bezels, but that just makes for ever-so-slightly less intrusive windowpanes.

The net result is you’ll be spending more money, and still compromising. That is, unless you pick up the (snappily-named) new Asus ROG Bezel-free Kit.

The Bezel-free Kit sits in the intersection between your monitors, and uses a combination of mirrors and lenses to effectively bleed the edge of displays over one another, covering those unsightly bezels with glorious colour.

The best bit is that the Asus ROG Bezel-free Kit is incredibly low-tech. Well, that’s not entirely fair. We don’t want to diminish the design nouse that’s gone into the lenses or the overall prismatic effect – which is pretty cool – but rather point out that there’s no software or circuits involved, no power supply required, or even the need to use an Asus-brand monitor.

Just whack the Bezel-free Kit onto any monitor – Asus have confirmed to The Verge that this works with any monitor, but recommends thin bezels and identically-sized panels – and away you go. No release date or pricing has been confirmed yet, but we’ll let you know when we do.

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