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The bros in Final Fantasy XV may have a cool-looking convertible, but true Final Fantasy fans know a giant yellow chicken/ostrich hybrid is the only way to travel.

Final Fantasy XV’s not going to be out until 2016. Late 2016 – like, holiday-late – is our best guess, so there’s plenty of time for Square Enix to drip-feed the trailers and screenshots, trying to keep everyone excited until they can get their hands on the game proper.

After the initial excitement of the Episode Duscae demo, which was bundled with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD earlier in the year, that hype has slowed.

Square Enix can however always go back to the well in terms of classic Final Fantasy lore whenever they need to get the fans excited – as they did with the recent release of the giant Marlboro screenshots – but there are two things guaranteed to get the audience excited: Moogles and Chocobos.

Today, we got our first glimpse at the Final Fantasy XV Chocobo and it looks glorious.

The trailer begins with the crew pulling up at a small lay-by, as guided by a point of interest popping up in front of them. There, they find the first Final Fantasy XV Chocobo we’ve seen, and naturally ditch the car to go for a ride.

The Final Fantasy XV Chocobo looks pretty standard, with a bit and reign similar to those in Final Fantasy XII, and behaves exactly as we’re used to – able to range from a walk to a canter under normal movement, with an additional speed boost that can be operated for a limited time – but there’s also a new move: The Final Fantasy XV Chocobo can jump.

They can jump onto rocks and over obstacles and, much like Yoshi, the Final Fantasy XV Chocobo look to have a new ‘flutter jump’ added to their bag of tricks too.

And apparently you can power-slide a Final Fantasy XV Chocobo, which looks kind of weird, but still so much fun.

Oh. And also, there’s fishing. Yawn.

You can pre-order Final Fantaxy XV from Amazon now.

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