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Fire Emblem Heroes is out today

Nintendo’s next mobile game, strategy RPG Fire Emblem Heroes, is out today on iOS and Android devices.



Fire Emblem Heroes art

Nintendo’s next mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is out today on iOS and Android devices.

Fire Emblem Heroes was revealed in last month’s Nintendo Direct broadcast and brings a distilled version of the franchise’s tactical role-playing gameplay to smart devices.

Unlike Super Mario Run, the game is free-to-play or – to use Nintendo’s preferred terminology – free-to-start. However, the game does include mirco-transactions based on the notorious Gacha mechanic, whereby you pay for the chance to get new characters and content.

Apart from its dubious monetisation method the game looks like a natural fit for phones and tablets, with bite-sized maps and a well implemented drag-and-drop interface.

The game puts the player in the role of a summoner, who must assemble an army of heroes using characters from the full Fire Emblem series. In the run up to release fans were able to vote on the characters they wanted to see make an appearance.

Not Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is rolling out worldwide now, but buyer beware, there’s a curious puzzle game going by the same name also available. We say puzzle game, it’s more like a collection of advertisements.

You can get the real thing on the iOS app store and find out more at the Fire Emblem Heroes website.

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