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Fire Emblem: Three Houses drops actor accused of abuse in new update

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses boots actor accused of abuse, adds good stuff.

Nintendo’s hit dating sim/tactics game got its first major update yesterday. In Update 1.02, developers Koei Tecmo and Intelligent Systems fixed bugs and implemented a bunch of content; some for free, and some that’s available with the purchase of an Expansion Pass.

The biggest change? Nintendo has replaced the controversial voice actor behind the male version of protagonist, Byleth.

Over the years, multiple former friends and girlfriends have accused actor and animator, Chris Niosi, of sexual harassment and abuse. Niosi responded to those allegations in July, posting several detailed apologies on his Tumblr and acknowledging that he had “horribly mistreated and abused friends, colleagues and even my significant others.”

As of yesterday’s patch, Nintendo, who had previously worked with Niosi on mobile spinoff, Fire Emblem Heroes, has removed the actor from both games. Due to this change, Zach Aguilar has replaced Niosi in both games.

The update brought plenty of other, non-PR-crisis-motivated changes to Three Houses. Update 1.02 adds a third difficulty, dubbed “Maddening”; a welcome addition for fans complaining that the game was too easy at launch. Additionally, the developers increased the amount of Renown that players receive for starting a New Game+ playthrough. Renown is earned through gameplay and can be spent to earn stat bonuses.

For dedicated players who have already ploughed through all the content Fire Emblem: Three Houses has to offer, there’s more good news. This update adds five auxiliary battles, new items, new costumes and a new song, “Corridor of the Tempest.”

So, all in all, with this patch, Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost some and gained plenty.

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