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The first Breath of the Wild DLC pack lets you dress like Tingle

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Horde mode, a new map feature, and, erm, Tingle’s tights, are confirmed as part of Breath of the Wild’s first DLC pack.

When Nintendo announced its two-part DLC expansion for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, all eyes were on the second, more significant content drop which promised a brand new dungeon and additional story content.

As it turns out, the first ‘boring’ half of the expansion looks pretty good too, not least of all because Link can get his hands on – and legs into – a Tingle costume.

Due for the release this summer, the first part of the $19.99 content expansion adds a range of new costume content, a horde-style battle mode, a custom warp feature, and a new hard mode. It’s topped off with a new map feature that will be absolutely fascinating to see in action.

Breath of the Wild – DLC Pack 1

The Master Trials

A new hard mode for the game that increases the difficulty rank of most of the game’s enemies. Bad guys will be able to detect Links’ sneaking more easily, and they’ll regenerate health in battle. It also adds floating platforms – held aloft by balloons – that contain treasure, and more enemies.

Trial of the Sword

The Trial of the Sword is a 45 room gauntlet of the game’s various enemies, similar in structure to the Cave of Trials found in previous Zelda titles. These can often be gruelling, but Nintendo promise it will be worth the effort. If you complete the trials, the game’s Master Sword will be upgraded to remain in its powered-up state at all times.

New costumes and equipment

There’s not much to say about this apart from, Be the Tingle. The Korok mask will also be useful in helping you track down those remaining seeds.

Hero’s Path Mode

The best feature in this pack – which should surely just be standard issue – is the Hero’s Path map function. This lets you track your map coverage for up to 200 hours of playtime. The new Heroes Medallion item also lets you create a temporary travel point.

All in all, it’s a good start to Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild content expansion. And yes, we’re deliberately ignoring that Nintendo Switch t-shirt.

Today also sees the release of Breath of the Wild patch 1.2.0. which allows you to listen to different in-game language tracks. You can pick from English, Japanese, French (France & Canada), German, Spanish (Spain & Latin America), Italian and Russian.

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