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Here’s our first glimpse of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie

Spider-Man star Tom Holland’s turn as the Uncharted hero is even approved by original Nathan Drake voice actor, Nolan North.



Tom Holland Nathan Drake Uncharted movie
Tom Holland (Twitter)

Spider-Man star Tom Holland’s turn as the Uncharted hero is even approved by original Nathan Drake voice actor, Nolan North.

The Uncharted movie has been an on-again, off-again relationship since 2009. Specifically, a relationship between property owner and studio, Sony, and the umpteen directors who were briefly attached to the project and ran a mile.

The latest attempt to turn Uncharted into a movie, however, might actually be going somewhere. Well, if recent photos from on-set are to be believed, anyway.


First up, here’s the movie’s Nathan Drake – Spider-Man and Avengers star Tom Holland – chatting with the game’s Nathan Drake, Nolan North:

They both look pretty pleased and, in Nolan’s words, Tom Holland is “crushing it as Nathan Drake!”

Then, whether he was allowed to or not – he has a history of leaking things – Holland posted an on-set photo of himself in (almost) full Nathan Drake costume:

Obviously, he’s very young. He’s more like the from-the-prison-flashbacks-in-Uncharted 4 Nate than the hero we’re used to, so it’s reasonable to assume the Uncharted movie will be some kind of origin story. But he’s a handsome, athletic white man, wearing some dirty adventuring clothes, paired with shoulder holsters, a big aviator watch, and a SIC PARVIS MAGNA ring around his neck. Presumably, the trademark neckerchief will come at a later date, but he already looks the part.


And while we’re at it, Mark Wahlberg – originally attached to play Drake in one of the doomed, earlier iterations – is a bit young to play Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan. He doesn’t even have a Tom Selleck moustache!

But I have yet to see a movie with Tom Holland in that I didn’t think he was brilliant in. He’s charming, he’s sprightly, and he’s got exactly the right amount of cheeky chappy enthusiasm that Nathan Drake needs. Also, he’s played both Billy Elliot and Spider-Man, so he’ll be brilliant at all the acrobatics and climbing stuff. Just saying.

People were down on Henry Cavill as Geralt and look how well that turned out. Stop fixating on his age and give Holland a chance, people! He’s going to be great.

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