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Four DualShock 4 colours announced, including rose gold and electric purple

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These new PS4 controller colours vary from subtle metallics to… a less subtle red camouflage print.

Was it Apple that kicked off the trend for rose gold electronics? We think it was, first with a rose gold iPhone, followed by a range of rose gold MacBooks and Apple Watches. Before long, other phone manufacturers were rolling out rose gold hardware; it was only a matter of time before video game hardware caught on.

Earlier in the year, Razer announced its “quartz gold” range of hardware and peripherals. That’s a rose (gold) by any other name. That included laptops costing thousands – it is Razer, after all – but also keyboards, mice, headphones, and controllers.

Now Sony is getting in on the act.

In fact, PlayStation has announced four new DualShock 4 colours: rose gold, titanium blue, electric purple, and camouflage red. We think we probably like them in that order, as it goes. Rose gold is a soft classic; titanium blue is a subtle metallic; electric purple looks like a custom controller they found at Paisley Park; and the camouflage red? Well, that’s just horrid, isn’t it? We can’t imagine what it says about the person who chooses that colour over rose gold or titanium blue.

It’s not just new DualShock 4 controllers, though. There’s also a new rose gold wireless headset on the way. No, we’re not sure why they didn’t go for the other three colours, either. (Well, we know why they’re not making the headset in camouflage red.)

All four new DualShock 4 controller colours – and that rose gold headset – will be available in autumn this year.

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